7 Ways to Identify Your Competitors for Better SEO Keyword Research

Taking a strategic and critical lens to identifying your competitors can help you discover unique, valuable keywords for SEO.

7 Advanced Keyword Research Tips for SEO (Works in 2023)

Keyword research will make or break your SEO performance.

Most people haphazardly pick keywords and this is a huge mistake.

You need to have a strong process in place to make you’re targeting the RIGHT keywords.

In this video, I’m going to share 7 advanced keyword research tips. Follow these techniques and you’ll get ahead of 99.9% of people trying to do SEO.

And make sure you watch until the end because the sixth tip is one I’m super excited to show you.

I’ll give you a hint: NO ONE is using this technique. Most people rely on traditional keyword research tools and they’re missing out on HUGE SEO opportunities. Not you though!

You’ll be able to use this simple technique when you watch the entire video.

Watch now and let me know you’re excited to learn these keyword research tips by liking the video right away.

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Learn SEO | Reverse Engineering Keywords | Find the keywords your competitor ranks for

Learn SEO | Reverse Engineering Keywords | Find the keywords your competitor ranks for

In this video, we see why our competition is ranked in the top 10 search results for business-related keywords. We carefully analyze their websites, their content, and keywords they are ranked in the top 10 search results. We use that data and come up with a better version of the content on our website.

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How to Find All the Keywords That Your Competitors Rank For (But That You Don’t)

Do you have competitors that get more search traffic than you? Do you want to beat them? Well, it all starts with keywords. Hi, everyone. I’m Neil Patel. And today, I’m going to show you how to find all the keywords that your competitors rank for that you don’t.


If you want to go to Ubersuggest just go to and you can type in any URL or keyword. Now I’m already in the app, I’ve already logged in. So I’m going to type in a keyword or more. So a URL like This is my website. You can type in your website. And if you don’t have tons of data, like tons of traffic, you can always type in one of your competitors domains as well.

And then I want you to go on the left hand navigation and click on Competing Domains. This shows you all the similar sites that you’re competing with. And some of these sites, it’s based on overlapping keywords. So the more common keywords you have, the more likely you are to be a competing website.

So what I want you to do is literally go through this list of all the ones that are very end up competitors, and look for the Keyword Gaps. So the keywords gap is all the keywords your competitor ranks for that you don’t.

I’m going to keep clicking Next until I find some keywords that I believe would be valuable to my audience. Remember, not all your competitors will have keywords that are identical to what you want to be going after. So you need to really look through them and pick the ones that are super relevant.

Next, Next, Next. And then just pick the keywords that are great for you and delete the ones that aren’t related to your business that you don’t want to be going after.

So I would pick the ones that are the best. Like NLP Chatbots, that could be interesting because a lot of people that would be interested in that probably have sales teams, and they’re tryna figure out how to persuade people to convert into customers.

When you click Export, it just downloads all the keywords, may take a little bit if they have tons and tons of keywords. And then you want to just go through and do this for all the competition.

And I would just go through this and ideally look for the keywords with high volume and high CPC because that means lucrative keywords that can generate revenue. Diploma, digital marketing online, or if someone wants a online digital diploma, that’s a lucrative keyword when it looks at $24.74 CPM, volume isn’t that great.

But you can start going after keywords that have a lot of volume, and high CPC, you just have to go through them. Now I know this process looks like it’s time consuming but here’s the thing, if you know your competition is already doing well and beating you, it’s from the keywords that have high volume and high CPC assuming they’re related to their business and related to yours.

And those are the ones I want you to make a list of and go after. And then go and create content around those topics. All the ones that are very similar, group them together, if some of these keywords match other pages on your site, but you just don’t discuss that part, expand upon those articles and include those keywords as well.

And if you do this, and you do this with one article a week, literally just one article a week based on new keywords that you’re finding, after a year, I know that sounds like a long time, but it really isn’t, you’ll notice that your traffic will start growing by leaps and bounds.

All those little increments of 5, 10 percent growth, month over month really start adding up after a year. So that’s a strategy I want you to implement.

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How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic

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Learn how to find low competition keywords with high traffic

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0:00 Intro
1:16 Find the Keywords related to your website
2:14 Select the Keywords
2:45 Find the Competition of the Keywords
7:12 Write content for your website
9:07 How Google ranks websites
9:45 Find the low Competition Keywords using a free tool

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Step 1: Find the Keywords which people are searching for related to your website’s topic
Go to “” site, enter your topic & click ‘Search’.
Now you’ll get a list of keywords which people search for

Step 2: Select the Keywords.
Pick the topics for your website.
Once you choose, it’ll be added to the list.

Step 3: Find the Competition of the Keywords.

1: Create an account in ‘kwfinder’
Go to the site by clicking the link above.
Now click ‘Create Free Account’ & enter the details

2: Add these Keywords into the tool.
Go to the tool ►Click ‘SEO tools’ ►KWFinder ►’Go to app’ ►Import.
The difficulty to rank a keyword is shown.
Find keywords that have difficulty of less than ‘30’.
After that Click on Keyword Difficulty column,
find a Keyword that has less competition and more searches
to rank easier & attract people to your website.
Next, write content for this keyword on your website.
Go to your Website dashboard ►New ►Post.

Enter a title with the keyword you found
Next, write the content for this title.
To add an image,
Click ‘Set Featured Image’.
& then Drag and Drop your Image.
Click ‘Publish’.
then Click ‘View Post’.
Google will assess your content
if your content is suitable for this keyword, Google will rank your site,
To find low competition keywords using the Free tool,
Click this link ➜
Click ‘Import Keywords’.
Enter your Keywords which you found in Step 1.
Go back to ► Copy the Keyword and then Paste like before.
Click ‘Import Keywords’.
This is how you can find Low Competition Keywords.

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