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SEO for Revenue – Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Rankings

Increased traffic and rankings are great. Nobody would turn them down. But if that traffic bounces or doesn’t convert, the value of the content decreases.

What if you built your content with conversion in mind from the beginning? What if you took a goal-oriented approach that aligned with business outcomes?

Dale Bertrand, a 20-year search marketing veteran, and Jeff Coyle, co-founder of MarketMuse discuss how to plan content with conversion in mind every step of the way.

+ How to start with the end goal as your driver
+ Tactics and benchmarks for content that converts in 2023
+ How clusters power your SEO and conversion

00:00 SEO for revenue – Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Rankings
02:36 Understanding Customer Intent and Conversion Points
05:57 SEO Strategy
20:27 Keyword Research and Understanding Intent
30:30 Creating Trustworthy and Accurate Content
38:58 Using an Omnichannel Approach to Inspire Customer Confidence

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Know what content drives results, and what needs fixing.

Analyze the content you have, and get recommendations to perfect it. Expand your content to reach actively searching prospects throughout the customer journey. Drive ROI by creating content you know is in demand.

Act on content gaps and prioritize opportunities.

Discover gaps in your content’s visibility around the world, and prioritize action by effort and impact. Act on the highest-value opportunities across locations, devices, and content types.

Stay ahead of your competition.

Find out who competes for your customers’ attention around the world. Identify and outperform your online competitors, and sort through your content opportunities by filters like audience demand, content type, and competitive difficulty.

Measure and share results that drive teamwork and ROI.

Communicate with your team, organize your workflow, and show ROI with workspaces. Segment and measure your content based on how you run your business. Create custom reports or choose from role-based success templates for each of your key team members.

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8 Important SEO Benchmarks To Monitor Monthly – Top SEO Stats – SPPC SEO Tutorial #3

Check out my video where I cover 8 SEO benchmarks that you should monitor for your business. These Search Engine Optimization benchmarks and statistics will help you measure the results of your SEO campaign. This is part 3 of the SPPC SEO Tutorial aka the Surfside PPC SEO Course for beginners. My goal is to show you how to rank higher in Google and how to improve your organic search engine traffic from some of the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube. Since driving more organic traffic is a great way to increase revenue, these free SEO tutorials will help you grow your business without having to make a huge investment in an expensive course with the same information.

When it comes to SEO statistics and SEO benchmarks, there are plenty of data points you can monitor for Search Engine Optimization success. I believe you want to focus mainly on the conversion value, total conversions, and total traffic from search engines to understand the impact of your keyword research, content creation, on-page optimization, and website navigation campaigns. After all, your hard work should be rewarded with more free traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. And, as you work on your website content and optimize your website, you should be able to move into the top position in Google in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

8 Important SEO Benchmarks & SEO Stats to Monitor:

SPPC SEO Tutorial for Beginners:

SEO Benchmarks CSV File (Direct Download):

SEO Benchmarks .xlsx file (Direct Download):

8 SEO Benchmarks:

1. Conversion Value from Organic Search
2. Total Conversions from Organic Search
3. Total Organic Search Traffic
4. Total Clicks Google Search Console
5. Total Impressions Google Search Console
6. Average CTR Google Search Console
7. Total Clicks Bing Webmaster Tools
8. Total Indexed Pages Google Search Console

What is a Benchmark?

A standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed.

Getting Started with SEO Benchmarks:

1. Install Google Analytics
2. Install Google Search Console
3. Install Bing Webmaster Tools
4. Set-Up Conversion Data in Google Analytics
5. Keep Track of Monthly Results

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