How to Produce Quality Titles & Meta Descriptions Automatically

Here's how you can produce quality titles and meta descriptions automatically in Google Sheets with minimal Python and JavaScript code.

How to Update Squarespace SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions | Squarespace SEO Metadata

Step-by-step tutorial on how to update Squarespace SEO titles & meta descriptions for your homepage and all of the other pages on your Squarespace website.

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What Are Page Titles and Meta Descriptions?

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Optimising your website’s page titles and meta descriptions can increase traffic to your website from search engines. Find out how to optimise your page titles and meta descriptions for SEO.


Page titles describe each page of your website, like the title of a book. They should be short and summarise the page accurately so that when people see the page in Google’s search results they immediately understand what the page is about and click on it. A well-optimised page title can result in an increase in clicks on a result which leads to more traffic to that page.

Meta descriptions are the larger block of text underneath the title in the search results. This is the synopsis on the book’s back cover, describing the content of the page well enough that you’re encouraged to click on the result. A well-optimised meta description should lead to more people noticing and then clicking on a search result which should increase traffic to that page.

00:32 What is Metadata?
01:14 What is a Page Title?
01:50 What makes a good Page Title?
03:17 Bad Page Title examples
03:57 What is a Meta Description?
04:56 Good Meta Description examples
06:02 Bad Meta Description examples
07:11 Perfect Page Title and Meta Description Lengths
08:57 How to add titles and descriptions to your website
09:57 Why Google isn’t using your titles or descriptions

For more details on what page titles and meta descriptions are, please see our full guide:

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How to make sure your meta descriptions and SEO titles have the optimal length | Yoast SEO features

This video explains how you can use Yoast SEO to make sure your meta descriptions and SEO titles have the optimal length. Find out more about Yoast SEO here:

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Every time we search for something online, we’re confronted with a list of search results. We’re so familiar with these results, which are called snippets, that we barely notice them. However, as soon as one of these results stands out – positively or negatively – we do notice.

Some results have SEO titles that are too long, so they are cut off. Others have meta descriptions that are interrupted mid-sentence. That’s not ideal. We think that an SEO title or a meta description that is too long can make your snippet less clickable. Luckily, you can edit your snippet with Yoast SEO and get it in top shape for the search results!

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Tips for Writing Better Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are powerful tools to boost on-page SEO and increase click-through rates ��. Tune in to learn how to write excellent meta descriptions �� Subscribe:

A meta description is a snippet of approximately 150 characters that summarises your page’s content. Search engines, such as Google, will usually show your meta descriptions on their results page when your page ranks in the search results.

Writing good meta descriptions is important because it can impact your click-through rates. There are a few tricks to optimize your meta descriptions, and this tutorial will teach you the most effective ones.

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0:00 Writing Better Meta Descriptions
0:31 What are Meta Description?
1:46 How Meta Descriptions Impact Your SEO
3:34 5 Tip For Writing and Optimizing a Meta Description in WordPress
3:54 Snippet Length
4:06 Focus on a Keyword
4:23 Write Clear, Cohesive, and Captivating Descriptions
4:43 Avoid Duplicate Snippets
5:13 Don’t Be Deceptive
5:44 Writing Meta Descriptions for Specific Pages
6:04 Homepage Meta Descriptions
6:34 Blog Post Meta Descriptions
7:04 Category Pages Meta Descriptions
7:42 Product Page Meta Descriptions


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