SEO Strategies for Knowledge Base Self-Serve Customer Success

This post explores the value of using SEO for knowledge base support content and a case study explaining how to optimize this sort of content.

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�� (Intelligent) Keyword Theft ��

First, you are going to use my intelligent spreadsheet to steal all of your competitors’ best keywords.

It does a bunch of cool things like-

✅ Automatically find the best keywords with high search volumes & low competition
✅ Tell you if there’s a chance to steal a featured snippet
✅ Calculates the intent of the keyword to help you focus on $$$ keywords
✅ Automatically removes “tire kicker” keywords that waste your time & money

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�� Automated Backlink Theft ��

Next, we need to steal all of the best backlinks from our competitors and I built a special sheet just for that!

It does things like-

✅ Automatically filters out spammy links that could hurt your search rankings
✅ Removes all of the “weak” links that aren’t worth stealing
✅ Assign different link types like “Resource Page” or “Guest Post”
✅ Builds a precise “backlink theft strategy” of which links to steal and in which order

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With these 2x sheets you can build an intelligent SEO strategy that is backed by world-class data in minutes.

You’ll know which keywords to attack first and precisely how to build powerful backlinks!

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I mean:

Why go to the hard work of creating an SEO strategy when your competitors have already done it for you?

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��️ – Video Chapters
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00:12 Keyword Intelligent Spreadsheet
00:33 Backlink Theft Spreadsheet

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