Thought Leadership Content: What It Is And How To Use It

Thought leadership content can help you earn customer loyalty by sharing your brand's earned insights and secrets.

Get Started with Thought Leadership Content | Easy Steps and Prompts | Concurate

I know the idea of becoming a thought leader and writing content for the audience may seem intimidating.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you have 20+ years of experience or just starting to establish yourself as a credible source for your audience, in today’s session, we’re providing you with-

An easy framework for writing thought leadership content in your niche
Examples that you can get inspiration from
And prompts that will help you get started


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5 Tips for Improve Thought Leadership Content

Trust plays a critical part in shaping your company’s brand perception. It also impacts buyer confidence in working with your company. One of the primary drivers of this trust is authentic thought leadership content. It helps boost your content marketing efforts, especially if you are a B2B company. It is the foundation of a successful content marketing strategy.

What is thought leadership content? It surfaces your company’s earned secrets of unique perspectives, experiences, and resources you have. You share those thoughts with your audience through content to be a leader in your industry. It helps you build credibility, earn trust and gain loyalty with your customers and prospects.

Marketers, especially b2b marketing professionals, are in a great position today to build relationships with future customers with thought leadership content. The real value of thought leadership is often assumed, but it’s rarely measured.

A poorly executed thought leadership plan could have the opposite effect, leading decision-makers to remove you from consideration, so you must do it correctly. Thought leadership is most likely untapped at your company. It shouldn’t be because thought leadership can boost the size and scope of your sales deals.

According to research from Edelman and LinkedIn, most marketers significantly undervalue the power of thought leadership. As a result of dismissing thought leadership, marketers see their demand and lead generation efforts suffer.

Edelman and LinkedIn interviewed 1,300 C-suite executives and business decision-makers. The results underscore that marketers who produce thought leadership content consistently underestimate its impact on demand generation and impacting the buyer’s journey.

The Edelman and LinkedIn study shows that 26% of marketers believed thought leadership helped them close business. Furthermore, 58% of decision-makers said thought leadership influenced them to work with that company.

As a result of underestimating the power of thought leadership, marketers have less impact on helping their companies win business from current customers and potential new customers. The bottom line is that thought leadership helps your sales team participate in more requests for proposals (RFPs) and helps your company make the shortlist of final vendor candidates.

The Edelman and LinkedIn thought leadership study highlights some key points:
55% of decision-makers read thought leadership content to vet potential vendors
82% of decision-makers say thought leadership increased their trust in a company
90% of decision-makers believe companies need to create thought leadership content
79% of C-suite executives want thought leadership content to show them new trends or issues

The study shows successful thought leadership content contributes to building your brand, opening new doors with potential customers, and closing deals in your pipeline.

Strong thought leadership content conveys the quality of your work. A thought leadership strategy boosts the reputation of your company. Thought leadership can help you amplify demand and lead generation strategy.

Thought leadership is an integral part of your marketing strategy and improves the marketing and sales alignment. These five tips can help you create better thought leadership content.

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00:27 How to Improve Your Thought Leadership Content
03:01 Create a Vision
03:56 Make it Digestible, Readable, and Easy to Find
05:08 Quality over Quantity
05:53 Reframe the Conversation
07:12 Educate Internally
08:28 Bringing It All Together

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About: In this video, Matthew Royse from Knowledge Enthusiast shares his thoughts on why thought leadership content is so important. Building trust with your customers and prospects is problematic because it takes time and effort. By utilizing thought leadership, you can enhance your overall marketing efforts. To improve your thought leadership, create a vision, and make it digestible, readable, and easy to find. Also, make sure you concentrate on quality over quantity, reframe the conversation, and educate internally. As a marketer, Matthew is asking you — a fellow marketer — not to undervalue the power of thought leadership content. It significantly impacts your demand and lead generation efforts, helps you show the value of marketing, improves marketing’s alignment with sales, and helps your company grow.

Use Video To Build Thought Leadership

Looking to land speaking gigs and get on podcasts in 2020? Video is your fastest route to getting invites, discover the 4 steps you need to get going.

Within 10 weeks of starting my YouTube channel, I landed my first speaking gig. I wasn’t even aiming to achieve this goal, it just happened. I was focused on creating videos for my clients and using these as a springboard to move from an in person to online business.

If you’re looking for the steps to being an influencer and want to learn how to create thought leadership content then this video is perfect for you.

The only thought leadership strategy you need is overcoming the self-doubts you currently have that hold you back from speaking your truth. In this video, I share my 4 steps for creating thought leadership content.

This path isn’t for everyone. Thought leadership is a solid career path, but you need to be willing to take risks and share your voice, even when you don’t know how others respond.



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Thought Leadership Content Marketing – Three Levels

Thought Leadership Content Marketing – Three Levels

Content Marketing is the sharing of ideas to help readers make informed decisions.

It’s a perfect fit for Thought Leaders because that’s what they do – share ideas.

But Content Marketing can be a big waste of time if you don’t do it the right way.

In this video, we’ll focus on the three strategic levels of Thought Leadership Content Marketing you can use to attract your ideal clients more easily today.

1. An Ideal – to make people care about your content
2. A Philosophy – to share how the world works
3. The Content – to be the trusted guide

Plus, the two strategies you can use to gain maximum value from your Content Creation.

Geoff McDonald has been helping business experts become thought leaders by turning their insights into expertise for the past 15 years.

— Chapters —
00:00 Thought Leadership Content Marketing
00:43 The Three-Level Content Marketing Strategy
01:59 Your Brand Ideal – how to make people care
03:43 Your Business Philosophy – your unique take on how the world works
05:40 Your Content – how to become the trusted guide
07:04 The Four Questions of your Content Marketing Plan
08:09 Summary: Thought Leadership Content Marketing
09:00 Bonus: How to gain maximum value from your Content Creation

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